Mi rabia no era más que pompas de jabón.


Book Trailer for B.J. Novak’s One More Thing

Released on 02/04/14



How Carmen Carrera’s interview on Katie Couric’s show went down

Carmen discussed her goal to become the first trans Victoria’s Secret model, so the interview had a good start

The interview started to go downhill after Katie Couric starting to only ask…




It is the year of our lord two thousand and fourteen and grown-ass human beings keep making the decision that Benedict Cumberbatch is sexier than Idris Elba when that is objectively not true



What’s this gif of a lively radish supposed to prove

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Gifs of Tom Hiddleston working out because of reasons…. [x]

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Instead, Amélie cultivates a taste for small pleasures…

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Both studies found that women were significantly more likely to experience these incidents than men were: In the first cohort, which was made up of university students, 26% of women reported being “shamed” by a physician, while only 15% of the men surveyed said the same. The most common topics of this shaming were sex, dental hygiene, and weight. The second study, which included a much broader age and demographic range, showed similar results: While only 38% of men reported feeling guilt or shame because of something their physician said, 53% of women could recall such behavior.
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